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Hotel Operations Management

Our Approach

We staff our hotels with strong General Managers who already understand our management culture and have proven their capabilities. We provide them with state-of-the-art management and financial support systems and hold them accountable for results. Some characteristics of our management include:

  • Decentralized Operations Authority
    Centralized support systems and latest technologies support the local GM. Daily forecasting and accountability for labor and related costs allow the GM to manage in real time.

  • Regular Performance Reviews
    Monthly reviews and comparisons with the Annual and Quarterly plans. We create action plans to capitalize on opportunities and to address challenges. Results-driven performance measurements for hotel and personnel evaluations.
  • Maintenance and Asset Protection
    We develop formal, written asset protection and preventive maintenance programs that involve all employees and include checklists for quality assurance.


We pride ourselves on efficient, productive hotels that meet the owner's objectives. We are not satisfied with average performance. Hotels under our management consistently produce above-average revenues and operate at below-average costs.